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Specializing in familiar popular tunes from the 60s, 70s, 80s as well as today’s light rock. The Eagles, Doobie Brothers, Van Morrison, James Taylor, Garth Brooks, Simon and Garfunkel, the Monkees and CCR are just a few of the artists faithfully performed.

Brother James is a popular singer, guitarist,
songwriter and recording artist available for
your next event, holiday party or
relaxing cocktails on the patio.

The song selections are customized to the appropriate audience and event. Everything from relaxing ballads to danceable upbeat hits, music from Brother James will be the highlight or the soundtrack of any function or gathering.
Although a large space is not always required, Brother James entertainment provides a top quality yet compact sound system along with digital enhancements and lighting to create a musical experience that is much more than a simple “guy with a guitar”.
I am based in Lancaster, New York and travel to locations throughout the Buffalo/Niagara Falls region as well as beyond for performances.

Available for corporate events, receptions, dances and club performances.
 Book Brother James Today. Email- or call (716) 261-2043

Current Schedule

Subject to change, updated often

November 2022

Thursday Nov 5, Britesmith Brewery 8-11 pm 5611 Main St. Williamsville, NY 14221

Wednesday Nov 9. Resurgence Brewing -Private party

Thursday Nov 10 The Chandelier Bar at Salvatores 6-9PM 6461 Transit Rd, Depew, NY 14043

Saturday Nov 12  Perla Seafood Bistro at Salvatores Brother James Trio 7-10PM 6461 Transit Rd, Depew, NY 14043

Wednesday Nov 16 Fox Run- 7pm Private Party

Friday Nov 18 The Chandelier Bar at Salvatores 7-10PM 6461 Transit Rd, Depew, NY 14043

Wednesday Nov 23  7-11PM Hamburg Gaming 5820 South Park Ave, Hamburg, NY 14075

Friday Nov 25. 6-9PM Brother James Duo Angry Buffalo at the Rose Garden 2753 Wehrle Dr, Williamsville, NY 14221 

December 2022

Friday Dec 2 Public House on the Lake  7-10PM 4914 Lake Shore Rd, Hamburg, NY 14075

Saturday Dec 3. Buffalo Harley Davidson Open House 11am-3pm 140 Mid County Dr, Orchard Park, NY 14127

Thursday Dec 7 Wurlitzer Event Center -Private Holiday Party

Friday Dec 9. South Buffalo American Legion Post 721 7-10PM 136 Cazenovia St, Buffalo, NY 14210

Wednesday Dec 14 Fox Run Retirement Community Christmas Party 5-6:30PM

Saturday Dec 17 Public House on the Lake  7-10PM 4914 Lake Shore Rd, Hamburg, NY 14075

Thursday Dec 22 The Chandelier Bar at Salvatores 6-9PM 6461 Transit Rd, Depew, NY 14043

Saturday Dec 24 Christmas Eve Party- 7-11PM Hamburg Gaming 5820 South Park Ave, Hamburg, NY 14075

Thursday Dec 29 The Chandelier Bar at Salvatores 6-9PM 6461 Transit Rd, Depew, NY 14043

Saturday Dec 31 New Year’s Eve at Suncliff on the Lake. 7PM-1AM • 6892 Lake Shore Rd, Derby, NY 14047


January 2023

Saturday Jan 7 Britesmith Brewing

Saturday Jan 13 Public House on the Lake  7-10PM 4914 Lake Shore Rd, Hamburg, NY 14075

Friday Jan 20 Angry Buffalo

Thursday Jan 27 Seneca Allegany Casino RiverBar 7-11PM. 777 Seneca Allegany Blvd, Salamanca, NY 14779

February 2023

Thursday Feb 23  Britesmith Brewing

Saturday Feb 25 Public House on the Lake  7-10PM 4914 Lake Shore Rd, Hamburg, NY 14075

March 2023

Saturday March 11 Britesmith Brewing

Thursday March 17 Seneca Allegany Casino RiverBar 7-11PM. 777 Seneca Allegany Blvd, Salamanca, NY 14779

Saturday March 24 Angry Buffalo- Brother James Duo

Saturday March 31 Public House on the Lake  7-10PM 4914 Lake Shore Rd, Hamburg, NY 14075

April 2023

Thursday April 13 Britesmith Brewing

Thursday April 15 Seneca Allegany Casino RiverBar 7-11PM. 777 Seneca Allegany Blvd, Salamanca, NY 14779

Join us on New Year’s Eve at
Suncliff on the Lake. 

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While deep into the Covid pandemic and very few music opportunities were coming my way, I was contacted by Seneca Niagara Casino and asked to perform at their new “Inside the Bear’s Den” virtual concert series. Over the last few years I had performed at theSeneca Allegany Resort & Casino’s nearly every month.

So, in February 2021, I grabbed my guitar and headed down to the Seneca Casino to shoot a live performance in front of nobody (in the audience). It turned out to be a fantastic experience and I couldn’t wait to see how it turned out.

Finally on May 14th, my segment was made available. This is it!

Need something more?
I can bring a Solo, Duo, Trio or more to make the party even bigger! If you have more room we can bring more BOOM!


Do you play loud?

The volume of my system depends on the size of the room and the appropriateness of the “loudness”. Because I control the overall sound myself, I can keep a reasonable volume without sacrificing sound quality and enjoyability. I have been complimented many times that I still sound very good without “blowing the crowd’s ears out”.

How much room do you need?

I setup my system to fit a very small footprint yet provide a great listening experience. Generally speaking, I can fit comfortably in a space as small as 6ft. x 6ft. The larger the area, the more visual impact I can create as well as expand the lighting and stage presence to bring a more substantial performance. I can work within your parameters.

Are you expensive?

Brother James Entertainment understands that live music can be a substantial investment and may not make financial sense in every instance. However, every effort is made to keep our prices reasonable and competitive in the current market. Often, the musical entertainment is a main reason for a patron to visit your establishment or event so although the investment might seem large, the return often overshadows the costs many times over.

Contact us to discuss your needs and budget. We have a lot of cost flexibility depending on dates, times, location and amenities available.
We encourage charitable organizations to contact us to find out if Brother James Entertainment can offer discounted rates or profit sharing.

Do you have stage lights and sound system?

Depending on the size of the venue, we supply all the stage lights and sound system. Larger venues may require a more substantial system and that will be discussed prior to booking commitment.

Can you make announcements and MC the event?

Brother James is there to provide musical entertainment and help make your event a fun and enjoyable experience. If there are announcements or presentations to be made, be assured that I will do all I can to help keep things running smoothly and efficiently. From raffle winners to award presentations, you and your guests enjoyment is my only goal.

Can you play for FREE??

I’ll bet you thought my answer would be “NO WAY!”. However, under certain circumstances, a “take of the door” or “tips” is possible. Contact Brother James and discuss.

Can you host an open mic?

I do not normally host an open mic show but I do sometimes invite other musicians on stage to join me for some tunes. Although it might seem to be a spontaneous act, I do require a pre arrangement with the musician(s) to prepare for the songs. My goal is to always provide an enjoyable, professional musical experience for the listeners and I do not leave much to chance.

Do you promote our event?

I announce performance schedules through social media, email and my website. I also post comments and announcement on Brother James’ facebook account. We have a growing number of facebook fans and that group is constantly increasing. It is important to me as well as you to have a good turnout for your event. I also provide you with printable posters and various professional graphic designed materials you can use to advertise your event through print as well as social media and web banners. If you need something customized, just let me know.

Will you bring a huge crowd?

Brother James has a substantial following of “fans” and friends, increasing all the time. That being said, performing for the first time at a new club, event or venue can take a little time to gain momentum. I wish I could say that the first time Brother James appears, thousands will come. However, my reputation and history has shown that repeat appearances of Brother James increases popularity enormously. I have never left an event without a happy crowd wanting more!

What style of songs do you play?

Brother James specializes in classic rock from 60’s, 70’s, 80’s as well as some of today’s more popular tunes. Most of my repertoire tends to be a bit more light rock rather than heavy metal. I also like to include songs by very successful artists but not always the expected selections. Although I love to play “Brown Eyed Girl”, “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” and “Sweet Caroline”, I also might sing lesser known, (but still great tunes) like “Dark Eyed Cajun Woman (the Doobie Brothers) or “Into the Mystic” (by Van Morrison).
“Perfect” by Ed Sheeran or “Daydream Believer” by the Monkees are also some favorites.

Note: Blues is sometimes popular these days and although I do play a mean blues riff or 2, long guitar solos and 6 string aerobatics are not my thing. I will however sing “Mustang Sally” if asked nicely. lol.

Is it just you?

Brother James brings and arsenal of modern live performance techniques and enhancements to achieve a much bigger sound than might be expected from a solo artist. I incorporate a digital backing track, foot pedal vocal harmonizers, guitar effects and other “secret weapons” to ensure a fully dynamic sound, accurate reproduction and impressive sonic experience for all your guests.

What makes a successful Brother James performance?

Along with the great music, I often like to include the crowd into the show with prizes, promotions and give-ways. Nothing is more fun than getting (or giving away) free swag at a show. Occasionally, I am provided “Free Drink” or  “BOGO” certificates to hand out throughout the performance. T-Shirts, hats, cups and Koozies are also a bit hit.
Contact Brother James to brainstorm some cool ideas to make your event a huge success!

What sets Brother James apart from the others?

Experience and talent. It’s just that simple. I am just as comfortable on a stage performing in front of 10 people or 10,000 people. I know my music and know my capability. I have been singing and playing guitar for over 40 years. I know what I can do well and also know what I don’t. I try not to stray too far from that. I do all I can to enhance my performance through modern techniques, electronics and thoughtful ingenuity.
There are many great musicians and killer bands out there and I respect them all. Perhaps they better fit your needs or perhaps not. I work within the realm of my experience to present an outstanding musical experience for you and your guests.

Do you play any original compostions?

I am also a song writer and composer. I have written theme songs for motion pictures and well as soundtracks for a few movies. I have been writing songs as an individual artist as well as collaborate with others since the 1970’s. Many musicians can claim these accomplishments and it’s a great creative outlet.
But honestly, without a “hit record”, none of this really matters to the general public so I do not usually perform original tunes in my show unless requested. Perhaps that will change in the future (hey, we can always dream right?), but for now, I’m happy singing the great songs of yesterday and today’s popular composers.


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